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How Can Anger Management Help Me?

What is Anger?


Therapiesofrlifeangermanagment offers Anger Management in Barrow-in-Furness and surrounding areas. Anger is a basic human feeling, like hurt, grief and happiness.  When it is expressed in a positive and clear manner, it helps you to establish and outline your boundaries, enables you to meet your needs and wants, and assists in identifying and protecing you from threats and dangers.
However, troubles begin when you are unable to express your anger in this positive and clear manner.  If you supress your anger, hiding it away inside yourself, you are liable to feel depressed and helpless whilst those around you await in fear as you you simmer in silence until the inevitable explosion comes and your anger causes a rage meltdown.
But if you give in to the hidden feelings behind your anger - your fear, hurt and grief - then instead you can become a rageaholic, continually overreacting on a daily to the slightest provocation in abusive and often violent ways, not caring who you hurt.  You end up living a life of constant high stress and extreme inner tension as those around you walk on egg shells to avoid upsetting the sulking bear. 

How can Anger Management help me?


 At Therapies For Life Anger Management I can offer you an exclusive and personal anger management programme to help you to express your anger in that clear and positive manner.
Within the programme you will learn a number of procedures and strategies
which will enable you to very quickly bring the intensity of those rage attacks down to a more acceptable level.  You will gain a greater understanding of the nature of anger within the context of other feelings and emotions.  And because the causes of your anger are personal and unique to you, there's a lot of time spent investigating your own history - your upbringing, experiences, relationships, historic traumas - anything which you consider to be relevant as a trigger for your anger.
And finally we'll work on developing a more compassionate, empathetic you
to enable you to become a gentler, understanding person.  This will help you relate to yourself and others at a deeper, more personal level so that you'll feel comfortable in engaging in more caring, closer relationships. 

How Long Will It Take


 The whole programme can be completed in a few weeks and within that time you'll expect to see a reduction in the intensity and frequency of your anger incidents as you gain greater insight and self understanding, although the process of expressing your anger in a clean and healthy way will hopefully continue for the rest of your life. 

About Therapiesforlifeangermanagement

About Chrissy J Finch


For many years Chrissy lived life as an angry person in denial, living through challenging personal issues and unsuccessful relationships.  In early 2010 she attended the British Associtaion of Anger Managmement's anger management programme led by Mike Fisher finally coming to appreciate the full nature of her anger and the impact that it had on her life.
She then went on to train as an accredited facilitator of anger management programmes with Mike completing her training in November 2010.  Chrissy then gained a Certificate in Counselling Skills through Life-Force, Colchester in December 2011 and qualified in working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in October 2012.  She completed her counselling studies at the and of 2017 and now holds an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.  She now works in private practice in Dalton-In-Funress, South Cumbria where she works with clients face to face.  For clients living further afield she can offer On Line sessions.
Chrissy adpots an integrative approach to her anger management work underpinned by a person centered, humanistic position but able to shift to other styles depending on the clients needs.  She ensures that all the course material is covered at a comfortable learning pace whilst allowing her clients the time and space that they need to thoroughly explore their own personal issues.
She has found that her own practice is informed through her continued self-development, her work with her clients and her research and learning.  This has led her to believe that key elements in a successful anger management programme are the development and deepening of the theraputic relationship between practicioner and client within a safe and secure environment, and her ability to value the individuality of each person's experience within the programme so that she can fully support their unique journey of self-learning and personal development that they will need to undertake as they complete the programme.

 She has recently moved to Dalton-In-Furness in Cumbria having lived in Colchester, Essex for the past 20 years. She is 60, divorced twice, and has three children, two of whom are grown up. 

The Programme

Therapiesforlifeangermanagment offers an anger management programme for individuals consisting of four parts -


Part 1 - Initial Introduction Session 

At this first session, which usually takes about three hours, an initial assessment will be made of your relationship and understanding towards anger, enabling you to begin the work of learning and practicing healthy and clean anger management.

For more information follow this link  - 

Initial Introduction Session

 Part 2 - The Anger Management Programme 

Our 18 hour programme is usually delivered over six 3 hour sessions,
with each session consisting of three 60 minute units
For more information follow this link -

The Anger Management Programme

Part 3 - Review Session
This usually takes place 4 to 6 weeks after the completion of the main programme.  The review session takes three hours to complete.
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Review Session 

Part 4 - Follow Up Sessions 

These can be booked at any time after the Review Session and last 2 hours

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Follow Up Sessions

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A unique anger management programme

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