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Our anger management programmes can give you the tools and strategies you need to help overcome anger management issues


Important Information

 In line with current government guidelines I am currently not able not see clients face to face, but I am able to continue seeing clients online - through video conferencing (Zoom),  on the phone, via email or chat / text.   

I've worked in this way since 2011, so I've got considerable experience in managing the differences from face to face work that online work involves.  I'm a Professional Member of the Association of Counselling and Therapy On line,  have recent specific training in working online therapeutically as well as training in data security and online risk management,  and have some 30 years experience in working with IT so can offer a comprehensive support package to clients who are apprehensive and have doubts about the effectiveness of working this way.  

Individual sessions through Zoom and phone are £40 each and like face to face sessions last for approx 50 minutes.  Email and text counselling rates are available on application.

You'll need - 

  • A private space where you know you'll be undisturbed for our sessions (preferably pet free as well)
  • Appropriate device - computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone 
  • Good stable internet connection (Ethernet cable connection is recommended over wi-fi for security and stability reasons)
  • Device with video camera and sound for sessions via Zoom
  • Device that is easy to type on if choosing email or chat / text
  • Access to online banking to pay session fees via electronic bank transfer


Anger Management 101 - Online Groups


Why Online?

 Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 I can only work online, so I have developed a special two hour one to one session and then optional anger management group course to reflect this. It is designed to deal swiftly with some core elements of anger management, giving you key knowledge, strategies and understanding to enable you to quickly gain control over you behaviour. 

One to One...

 Using the Zoom meeting app it starts off with a one to one session online between the two of us. This will last approximately two hours.  Here the aim is for you to discover some important things about yourself and your anger.  Usually people who are at this stage are in crisis as a result of their behaviour and often are subject to an ultimatum..."If you don't get help then...", so it's really important that you can access the help that you need with your anger straight away.  

Therefore the focus on the session will be on what's brought you to seek help and the immediate underlying causes.  You'll consider amongst other things why you have decided to seek professional help for you anger at this point in your life, the background and history of your anger, who your ‘anger mentors' are, and the potential consequences of failing to manage your anger appropriately.  

We'll dive a bit deeper into what you bring.   So during the session we may also look at your sense of attachment and how that impacts your relationships, underlying hidden traumas from earlier in your life that are being triggered and driving your anger,  your sense of openness and vulnerability and how this impacts on your ability to trust / be trusted,  how many 'shoulds' there are in your life and how this effects the role of shame in your life.  

Naturally, we'll also talk about anger management tools and strategies that are available to help you in your efforts to manage and express your anger in an appropriate way.

The exact content of the two hours all depends on what you feel are the things that you need to work on during the session in order for you to gain insight and understanding of why you have issues with managing your anger and what you can do to quickly bring it under control.

The session also gives you a chance to find out what working with me is like.  At the end of the session  there will be a number of options available to you - you may decide go forward to join the next group; you may prefer to remain in one to one therapy either with myself or another therapist, you can take some time to further consider your options and put into practice what you have learned during the session, or simply do nothing and live with the inevitable consequences of your anger- the choice is yours.

Working in a Group

 The group will consist of you and four other people with me as the facilitator. We'll meet online, again through Zoom, for a session each week for six weeks. Each session will last for between two and three hours. There will be some teaching material with discussions, short breakout sessions to give everyone the chance to practice any strategies and exercises taught, and the space to share some personal items within the group if you choose too.  At the end of the six group sessions, there's the opportunity to move into further one to one sessions with myself or a therapist of your choice if you wish. A certificate of attendance is available if required. 

What you'll learn

Amongst the items we'll be covering are -

  • Ground rules and guidelines
  •  The physiology of anger - 

                            the angry brain

  • Anger styles
  • Stress 
  • The shadow
  •  Unresolved trauma 
  • Attachment 
  • Shame and shoulds
  •  Compassionate relationships - 

                           openness and vulnerability 

  • Trust 
  •  Connecting empathetically -

                            communicating with L-O-V-E 

  • Strategies and practical exercises

What it costs

Total cost of the course is £375-00; £75-00 payable for the initial Discovery session, then £50-00 deposit to reserve your place in the next group to form.  The balance of £250-00 is payable before the start of the first group session. 

Special Conditions

There are some special conditions that you need to be aware of - as a firm commitment is required from you to the other four group members to complete all six sessions of the group. The £50-00 deposit is refundable in full if you decide not to go ahead with the group work, as is any balance of monies paid before the start of group work. If after participation in the group work you choose not to continue then any monies you have paid are all non -refundable. instead it will be shared out equally between myself and the other remaining group members on a pro-rata basis as a compensation to them for having to work in a smaller group and to me for my lost professional earnings. 

If you are unable to attend any group sessions then you will have to pay £50-00 for a one to one session with me, which will have to be completed before the group’s next session to enable you to rejoin the group. 

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How Can Anger Management Help Me?


What is Anger?

Therapiesofrlifeangermanagment offers Anger Management in South Cumbria and Lancashire. Anger is a basic human feeling, like hurt, grief and happiness.  When it is expressed in a positive and clear manner, it helps you to establish and outline your boundaries, enables you to meet your needs and wants, and assists in identifying and protecing you from threats and dangers.
However, troubles begin when you are unable to express your anger in this positive and clear manner.  If you supress your anger, hiding it away inside yourself, you are liable to feel depressed and helpless whilst those around you await in fear as you you simmer in silence until the inevitable explosion comes and your anger causes a rage meltdown.
But if you give in to the hidden feelings behind your anger - your shame, fear, hurt and grief - then instead you can become a rageaholic, continually overreacting on a daily to the slightest provocation in abusive and often violent ways, not caring who you hurt.  You end up living a life of constant high stress and extreme inner tension as those around you walk on egg shells to avoid upsetting the angry, sulking bear. 


How can Anger Management help me?

 At Therapies For Life Anger Management I can offer you a choice of individual one to one or group work.  Both approaches are aimed at helping you to express your anger in that clear and positive manner.
Within all the programmes you will learn a number of procedures and strategies
which will enable you to very quickly bring the intensity of those rage attacks down to a more acceptable level.  You will gain a greater understanding of the nature of anger within the context of other feelings and emotions.  And because the causes of your anger are personal and unique to you, there's a lot of time available to investigate your own history - your upbringing, experiences, relationships, historic traumas - anything which you consider to be relevant as a trigger for your anger.
And finally we'll work on helping you to develop a more compassionate, empathetic you to enable you to become a gentler, more understanding person.  This will help you relate to yourself and others at a deeper, more personal level so that you'll feel comfortable in engaging in more caring, closer relationships. 


How Long Will It Take

That really is up to you and the pathway you choose.  Working one to one can be as intensive as you want, with sessions spaced out at intervals that you choose, whilst the group programme is more structures meeting every fortnight for 10 sessions.

Whatever you choose, within that time you'll expect to see a reduction in the intensity and frequency of your anger incidents as you gain greater insight and self understanding, although the process of expressing your anger in a clean and healthy way will hopefully continue for the rest of your life. 

About Therapiesforlifeangermanagement


About Chrissy J Finch

For many years Chrissy lived life as an angry person in denial, living through challenging personal issues and unsuccessful relationships.  In early 2010 she attended the British Association of Anger Management's anger management programme led by Mike Fisher finally coming to appreciate the full nature of her anger and the impact that it had on her life.
She then went on to train as an accredited facilitator of anger management programmes with Mike completing her training in November 2010.  Chrissy then gained a Certificate in Counselling Skills through Life-Force, Colchester in December 2011 and qualified in working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in October 2012.  She completed her counselling studies at the and of 2017 and now holds an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.  She now works in private practice in Dalton-In-Funress, South Cumbria where she works with clients face to face.  For clients living further afield she can offer On Line sessions.
Chrissy adpots an integrative approach to her anger management work underpinned by a person centered, humanistic position but able to shift to other styles depending on the clients needs.  She ensures that all the course material is covered at a comfortable learning pace whilst allowing her clients the time and space that they need to thoroughly explore their own personal issues.
She has found that her own practice is informed through her continued self-development, her work with her clients and her research and learning.  This has led her to believe that key elements in a successful anger management programme are the development and deepening of the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and client within a safe and secure environment, and her ability to value the individuality of each person's experience within the programme so that she can fully support their unique journey of self-learning and personal development that they will need to undertake as they complete the programme.

 She has recently moved to Dalton-In-Furness in Cumbria having lived in Colchester, Essex for the past 20 years. She is 61, divorced twice, and has three children, two of whom are grown up. 

The Programmes


Want to work with a group?

Or just looking for a few sessions?

Or want to work One to One?

Currently not available due to COVID-19 

Group work is currently only available in Preston.

It will consist of 10 two hour sessions where you'll be working with between 3 and 8 other people.

You'll be looking at some of the key modules from anger management and have the opportunity to work with your own personal issues in the group.

Included in the program are -


Compassionate Communication - Openness and Vulnerability

Shoulds and Shame

Connecting Empathetically - Listening with L-O-V-E

The Physiology of Anger

Unresolved Trauma

Expressing Anger Appropriately - Empowering Yourself through Empathetic Anger

A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the programme.  

Contact therapiesforlifeangermanagement to reserve your place on the next programme


Or want to work One to One?

Or just looking for a few sessions?

Or want to work One to One?

 Currently only available online due to COVID-19    

One to One Programme is available face to face in Dalton-In-Furness and Preston, and also on-line

Part 1 - Initial Introduction Session 

At this first session, which usually takes about three hours, an initial assessment will be made of your relationship and understanding towards anger, enabling you to begin the work of learning and practicing healthy and clean anger management.

For more information follow this link  - 

Initial Introduction Session

Part 2 - The Anger Management Programme 

Our 18 hour programme is usually delivered over six 3 hour sessions, with each session consisting of three 60 minute units For more information follow this link -

The Anger Management Programme

Part 3 - Review Session 

This usually takes place 4 to 6 weeks after the completion of the main programme.  The review session takes three hours to complete. For more information follow this link - 

Review Session 

Part 4 - Follow Up Sessions 

These can be booked at any time after the Review Session and last 2 hours

For more information follow this link - 

Follow Up Sessions


Or just looking for a few sessions?

Or just looking for a few sessions?

Or just looking for a few sessions?

   Currently only available online due to COVID-19  Anger management counselling sessions are available face to face in Dalton-In-Furness (Monday - Wednesday) and Preston (Thursday and Friday), online and phone.  They last for 50 minutes.

The number of sessions that you chose to attend is determined by you as we go along and you can decide to finish at any point.  In them you're free to talk about whatever you want to, but we'll maintain an emphasis on connecting this with your anger management issues.

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A unique anger management programme

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