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The Anger Management Programme

Initial Introduction Session

2 hour session

 The aim of the session is to look at your own personal issues with anger management, to enable you to fully understand the full effect that they have on you and those around you; to have you experience a short part of the programme so that you have an idea of the sort of work that would be required from you in order to complete the programme successfully.

It usually takes about two hours to complete and is split into two distinct parts.

The first part is used to gain an insight into the nature and pathology of your anger.  I usually work from a list of questions which will help you to shine a light on various aspects of you and your issues with anger. Initially we'll look at how anger is affecting your life, who and what is at risk from your anger and what has caused you to book the session.  Then we'll seek to discover the origins of your anger, the people who you learnt from, your anger role models, issues and traumas that arose in your childhood and at school.  We'll look at your anger triggers, who and what makes you angry, the times you get angry, and your own personal anger patterns.  At some point we'll then consider your anger styles, how you express your anger, your language, behaviour and actions, what you experience in yourself when you get angry, how you feel when you are angry, the ways in which you are physically and mentally aggressive and abusive to your family, friends and colleagues.  We'll also consider your current life situation - the amount of stress you may be experiencing, any issues of depression, addiction, or trauma, you own personal levels of self awareness.

Following on from this investigative work the second part will provide you with the information
as to how and where the anger management programme can help you.  I'll describe the parts of the programme that I can see would be specially relevant to you own personal situation.  There will be time within the session to work through a short part of the programme to give you an example of how it could be of benefit to you so that you have a clear understanding of the sort of thing that's involved.  Although there are a considerable number of areas that need to be addressed, there is ample time for you to bring your own personal material.  Indeed it is not unusual for you to be able to work within the session on some of these issues, and consequently enable you to gain a clearer understanding of exactly what you are personally facing. 

At the end of the session we will review what we have discussed and at that point, if you have not already booked the programme, you can decide whether you want to go ahead and book yourself onto the rest of the programme.


The Anger Management Programme

Six 3 hour sessions

Each session lasts for around three hours and is split into three 60 minute units.  As in the Initial Introduction Session you'll work one on one with Chrissy.  

A section of the anger management programme will be covered in each unit and this will be made relevant to your own personal situation.  There will also be plenty of time within each session to look at the your own personal history and issues.  If required, extra sessions of one to three hours can be booked during the programme to enable you to spend as much time as you feel you need to fully investigate your own personal material.

You'll learn about anger from four aspects -

Internally - Here you'll develop a full understanding and thorough knowledge of anger, learn about your anger triggers, work with feelings and emotions, and consider aspects of shame, stress, self-esteem.  From the insight you gain you'll be able to develop better self understanding and self control

Growth Through Understanding - Using experiential imagery work we link your past to your present, looking at incidents of trauma, abuse, abandonment and unmet emotional needs.  We resolve those wounds through empowerment of your vulnerable child and healthy reparenting enabling you to cast aside and move forward from those damaging incidents in your past.

Self Compassion - You'll learn how to develop empathy towards youself and others understand the close link between empathy and anger, and learn to communicate in a non-agressive way which will help you become a loving, caring person who can form intimate, meaningful relationships.

Externally - You'll have plenty of opportunities to practice the procedures, methods and strategies to manage you anger that you're learn during the sessions so that you leave the programme with the full anger management toolkit containing all that you need for expressing your anger in a clean and healthy way.

A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of each session
and a certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the programme. 

The programme can also be delivered in nine 2 hour sessions, or eighteen 1  hour sessions if required, which can help to spread the cost.


The Review Session

2 hour session

This usually takes place 4 to 6 weeks after the completion of the main programme, though it can take place after just 7 to 14 days if necessary.  Taking about two hours to complete and comprising of three parts, it enables you to reflect on your progress and consider your future development.

First we consider how you have implemented the material from the programme into your life,  looking at any anger incidents that may have occurred, how you dealt with them, and what the outcomes were from them, both for yourself and others.  We’ll discuss how you feel the programme has helped you handle your anger incidents now compared with the way you handled them before you completed the programme.  We’ll celebrate your successes and look closely at those incidents which didn’t go as you might have wished reflecting on what you can learn from them.

We’ll then move onto the second part of the session which will involve looking forward; the strategies you need to invoke to maintain your healthy approach to anger, those personal issues that you feel you really need to concentrate on most and how you can deepen and develop what you have learnt from the programme.

Finally in the third part we’ll look at anything else that you may wish to discuss in relation to your anger and the programme, reflect on your progress and consider your future development.  I’ll also outline in more detail the Follow Up Sessions that are available to you.


Follow Up Sessions

2 hour sessions

 These can be booked at any time after the Review Session, last 2 hours, and take the following format -
Refresher Sessions - for going back over any part of the programme that you may need to revisit
Learning Sessions - the opportunity to learn about our latest material in anger management
Development Sessions - these deepen your understanding of a specific area of the programme
Personal Sessions - to talk about a specific anger incident in order to gain greater insight into it 


Payment Options

The programme costs are -
Part 1 - Initial Introduction Session - 2 hour session - £35 per hour
Part 2 The Anger Management Programme - per 3 hour session, minimum 6 sessions - £35 per hour

Part 2 - Review Session - 2 hour session  - £35 per hour
Part 4 - Follow Up Sessions - optional 2 hour sessions - £65
The total cost for the complete programme, consisting of parts 1 to 3, on a session by session basis is £770 however if you make one single payment of £630 for Part 2 - The Anger Management Programme, (either 6 three hour sessions, 9 two hour sessions or 18 one hour sessions)  you'll receive Part 1 - the Initial Introduction Session and Part 3 - the Reivew Session FREE OF CHARGE